Aoharu x Kikanjuu episode 1
Let's Start This Deathless Death Match



Shinanai Koroshiai wo Hajimeyou ka

Japan Air Date

July 3, 2015 (JST)



Opening Song

The Bravest Destiny

Ending Song

Gunjou Survival

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 Let's Start This Deathless Death Match (死なない殺し合いを始めようか Shinanai Koroshiai wo Hajimeyou ka) is the first episode of the Aoharu x Kikanjuu anime series. It aired on July 3, 2015.

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In a school yard, a student is being bullied by three delinquents. The victim pleads for help, and someone jumps out of a third floor window to help him. It's the school's student council president, Hotaru Tachibana. The one who likes to pick fights. Tachibana tells them to get ready to fight and they say "no" because they don't want to get kicked out of school. So they walk away and Tachibana turns to go as well. Seeing an opening, the leader of the delinquents turns back and rushes towards Tachibana, refusing to back down from a fight. But Tachibana merely deflects the attack and drops him to the ground. Tachibana says if anyone wants to fight they'd better do it like they mean it. The bullying victim thanks Tachibana, but Tachibana says that so long Tachibana is around no evil shall take place.

Ep 1 Tachibana grapples a bully

Tachibana grapples a bully

Suddenly a pink-haired girl grabs Tachibana from behind, upset to have been left behind. She begins to rub Tachibana's chest and is dismayed to find out that she is not wearing a bra again. She's revealed to be Yajima Kanae, a friend of Tachibana and warns the latter that her boobs will lose their shape without one and Tachibana says they have no shape to lose. As Kanae chases Tachibana around, threatening to make her wear a skirt, the bully victim realizes that the school's student council president is a girl.

Ep 1 Tachibana punches her door

Tachibana punches her door by mistake

The day continues with Tachibana walking home, revealing that she has just begun her life living alone in Japan as her parents have left the country. Despite living on her own, she's unafraid and looks forward to meeting her new neighbors and wonders what they will be like. Upon arriving at her apartment building, she spots a blonde man smoking and talking on the phone. Tachibana's first impression is that he's rather good looking man, until she overhears the lewd phone conversation he's having and notices he's standing right in front of her apartment door while doing it. Angry, she dashes over to punch him. But his reflexes are faster than hers. He slides over and Tachibana punches her door instead. She apologizes for her outburst but says it's partially his fault as well for being so lewd in public. Surprisingly, he's not angry. He clasps her hands within his and says "let's have some fun." Tachibana hits him with her school bag.

Photo Aug 14, 6 09 29 PM

Tachibana sees Matsuoka's gun

The man introduces himself as Masamune Matsuoka. Tachibana introduces herself and Matsuoka quickly remembers he was on the phone with a woman. He goes back to flirting while Tachibana opens her door to begin unpacking, her gut telling her not to get involved with him. But before she goes inside, she sees a pistol on the ground near Matsuoka's apartment. She's shocked, and Matsuoka casually says that it's his. Tachibana asks if it's real and Matsuoka puts his finger to her lips then brings it to his own, making a 'shh' sound. He picks it up and walks into his own apartment. The next day, Tachibana and Kanae are walking around school. Kanae asks Tachibana what's wrong since she's been acting weird all day. She says it's nothing serious, only the annoyance of having a neighbor who says obscene things in public. Kanae then asks for a favor—can Tachibana buy her lunch until she gets paid. Tachibana is surprised by this request. Kanae says something happened between her and a hot guy who turned out to be a host. This enrages Tachibana. She demands to know what host club Kanae went to and vows to avenge her. Kanae tells Tachibana the host worked at the Orion Host Club.

Ep 1 Matsuoka shoots Tachibana

Matsuoka shoots Tachibana

Tachibana arrives at the Orion Host Club and demands to speak to the club's manager. She sees her new neighbor Matsuoka and is surprised. He comes over and wonders why Tachibana has come to his job to see him. Tachibana holds up a picture of Kanae asks if anyone has seen her before. Matsuoka says he's the one who spoke with her and Tachibana rushes towards him. She puts her fist in his face and tells him that the next time she will hit him. Matsuoka says he's not sure what's going on but if Tachibana wants to fight than they will fight with guns. He pulls a pistol out of his pocket and offers it to Tachibana. But she instantly shoves it back at him, not wanting to commit an evil act like gun violence. Matsuoka takes the gun back and shoots her. She staggers backward and is confused as to why she's still alive. Mastuoka explains that he shot her with a toy gun; it uses plastic BB pellets instead of actual bullets. When Tachibana doesn't understand, Matsuoka asks her if she's ever heard of survival games. She has not. So he tells her about survival games—an activity where men and women, young and old, have mock gunfights with toy guns. Tachibana thinks it's absurd that adults would take playing with toy guns seriously.

Still needed to duel, Matsuoka shows Tachibana a selection of guns and she picks up a gun like the one Matsuoka dropped on the ground the other day. He loads it to the max for her and tells her that he will only use one bullet in his own gun. The rules are simple: if she wins he will apologize, but if he wins she will “be his”. Then the fight starts.

Ep 1 Matsuoka dodges a bullet

Matsuoka dodges a bullet

Tachibana rushes forward and shoots at Matsuoka but misses every time. He avoids her attacks effortlessly, walking towards her without fear of being shot. As the patrons of the host club look on they explain the reason why Matsuoka is so untouchable. His training as a host has heightened his kinetic ability—the ability to detect motion. As a host he needs to be able to read the slightest movements of his clients in order to tend to their needs efficiently. This makes it easy for him to read Tachibana's movements and avoid her attacks.

Tachibana realizes that her attacks are ineffective and hides from Matsuoka. She needs to figure out a better plan of action. She decides that she'll have to get in as close as possible and risk being shot in order to increase her own accuracy. So she rushes forward again, spilling food and drinks while wrecking tables and chairs. But Matsuoka is on to her. He waits for her to get in close, knowing that she'll change direction as soon as she's in front of him. And when she does he'll make his move. But it's a trap. When Tachibana comes in close she turns left like he expects but quickly turns right.

Ep 1 Matsuoka puts a gun to Tachibana's chin

Tachibana loses to Matsuoka

Tachibana gets right in front of Matsuoka and aims her gun at him. He doesn't flinch. She tells him that as an adult he should be ashamed of playing with toy guns so seriously. Matsuoka tells her that he only let her get so close to him because he was counting every bullet she fired and knew her clip was empty. He kicks the gun out of her hand and then puts his gun under her chin. Everyone in the club applauds but Tachibana is sad for having lost to someone she considers evil. Matsuoka then tells her that he takes the game seriously because he is an adult.
Ep 1 Kanae demands to see Matsuoka

Kanae pretends to be an adult to see Matsuoka

Then the matter of Kanae is addressed. Tachibana is told that her friend saw Matsuoka on the street, fell in love with him, and came to their host club demanding to see him. She pretended to be an adult but Matsuoka saw through her disguise and sent her away. She didn't lose any of her money at the club. Tachibana then imagines what really happened—Kanae eating all she could while wishing she was a grown woman. This makes Tachibana feels bad for making a false accusation and causing so much chaos in the process.

Matsuoka reminds her of the terms of the duel. Since she lost, she belongs to him. And what he wants her to do is join his survival game team, Toy☆Gun Gun. Then they can fight to become the best survival team in Japan. And for every successful game she plays with him, he will subtract some of her debt for the destruction she's caused to his club. Because of her code of honor she has no choice but to accept. A woman asks if she can  join his team and he says he does not allow women to join his team. Matsuoka has no idea Tachibana is a girl.

Later we see a man writing at a desk idly, talking on the phone.
Ep 1 Yukimura receives a text from Matsuoka

Yukimura receives a message from Matsuoka

He cannot focus on his work, and as he plays with his writing utensil, he mutters that he wants to play another survival game with his friend, "Mattsun", again. Then he receives a text message from Matsuoka. It says that he's found a new member for their team. The man smiles, saying (flatly) that he's excited.

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