Aoharu x Kikanjuu episode 2
Didn't I Tell You I Don't Need Friends?



Nakama nante Iranai tte Itta yo ne

Japan Air Date

July 10, 2015 (JST)



Opening Song

The Bravest Destiny

Ending Song

Gunjou Survival

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Didn't I Tell You I Don't Need Friends?(仲間なんていらないって言ったよね?Nakama nante Iranai tte Itta yo ne?) is the second episode of the Aoharu x Kikanjuu anime series. It aired on July 10, 2015.

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Hotaru participates in her first official survival game. She meets teammate Yukimura Toru and must gain his trust.

Synopsis Edit

Ep 2 Hotaru won't let Matsuoka change her clothes

Hotaru won't let Matsuoka undress her.

Hotaru is at the battlefield where her first survival game shall take place. She's been dragged there by Matsuoka in her pajamas and left alone for hours. Finally he returns to her with an outfit and boots for her. He begins to undress her and she punches him, remembering that she can't let him know she's a girl yet. If he knew he'd kick her off team Toy Gun Gun and she'd have to find some other way to repay her debt to him. A stipulation of her payment plan is to do as he says, and what he says is for her to participate in the games.

After changing in the women's room she comes out and sees a man staring at her. He tells her that he won't tell because he too goes into women's restrooms for research for his job. She turns to leave him and he sees the Toy Gun Gun armband and quickly changes his tone. He calls her a disgusting pervert and walks away from her.

Ep 2 Yukimura aims a gun

Yukimura wins round one alone

Matsuoka finds a depressed Hotaru and ignores her mood, telling her their match has already started. They need to go assist their 3rd teammate. When they get to the battlefield they see a man shoot his gun three times- hitting his three opponents with one bullet each. He's fast and accurate. Hotaru can't wait to see who he is and is shocked to find that it's the 'pervert' from earlier. Mastuoka apologizes for being late and complements the man for his skills, which makes the man happily blush. Then he introduces the man to Tachibana Hotaru, their new teammate and friend. He introduces the man to Hotaru as Yukimura Toru, a famous manga artist. Yukki (Matsuoka's nickname for Yukimura) disapproves of Hotaru. He takes Mattsun (Yukimura's nickname for Matsuoka) to the side and tells him he doesn't need anymore friends and that a temporary teammate would do. But Mattsun won't budge on dismissing Hotaru, even though he's using her mainly to repay a debt. Yukki's mood suddenly improves and he says they should return to their new “friend”, which makes Mattsun suspicious.

When the two return to Hotaru Yukki greets her nicely but call her a pervert. Hotaru doesn't understand why Yukki's being nice all of a sudden but can't worry about that now. Their second match is about to begin. It's called “Capture the Flag”, a simple game where each team tries to capture their opponents flag while protecting their own, and hit a buzzer to signify the end of the game. Defeating all of your opponents is another way to finish the game. Yukki suggests a strategy- Mattsun (an all-arounder) will protect their flag, Hotaru (an attacker) will go after the opponent's flag, and he (a defender) will protect Hotaru. Mattsun agrees with the plan.

Ep 2 Team Greyhound

Team Greyhound

Before their match begins they see another team, one of their member are crying. Another member is arguing with a group of men, asking why they'd surround a newbie and torment her. The guilty team say it isn't against the rules and it's the newbie's fault for being surrounded. Yukki explains to Hotaru that that team (team Greyhound, their next opponents) are notorious for cheating. They often don't say 'hit' even though they have been hit. And that is an integrity violation, which is the worst thing you can do in the survival games. Hotaru hates such things, and wants to know how to punish them within the rules of the game. Yukki likes her strong sense of justice, tells her that the best way to punish them is to beat them, and that she is the key to their success. She looks forward to teamwork winning the match.

Ep 2 Matsuoka is mad at Yukimura

Matsuoka is mad at Yukimura for leaving Hotaru alone

Once the game starts Hotaru finds a spot on the battlefield but quickly notices that all three of her opponents have ganged up one her, each with a good shot at hitting her if she's not careful. She calls out to Yukki, but he's nowhere to be found. In fact he's heading back towards Mattsun and their home base. When Mattsun sees him he asks what he's doing and Yukki says he purposefully set Hotaru up to be defeated. Matsuoka is angry. How could Yukimura leave a beginner alone on the battlefield? Yukki is angry that Mattsun invited someone else without consulting him. And he also hopes that if Hotaru has a negative experience with survival games (s)he will leave the team. He reminds Mattsun that he doesn't need anymore friends because he's been betrayed by so-called 'friends' in the past. Although Matsuoka has lots of people he can trust, he will only every trust one other person-- Matsuoka. With that he heads back towards the fight. He hopes Matsuoka doesn't hate him for his actions, but he is firm in his desire to not make anymore friends.

Ep 2 Mattsun saves Yukki

Matsuoka protects Yukimura from bullies

Tachibana is still being pinned down by team Greyhound. She calls again for Yukimura and an opponent tells he she's been abandoned. She says Yukki would never abandon her. This reminds Yukki of being bullied when he was younger. He reaches her and pulls her to safety. Then he angrily asks if she thought he would save her. She says 'yes' because he's right here. He tells her it was a coincidence and he never had any intention of being a good teammate to her. He asks if she's devastated by his actions and ready to quit the team. She says 'no' because when he told her he liked her strong sense of justice it made her very happy, even if he was lying. She also wants to stay so he doesn't act this way to the next person Toy Gun Gun recruits. And lastly, Yukki will never make friends behaving that way. Yukki can't believe that Tachibana can forgive his actions and still want to be friends and teammates with him. He remembers again how people he thought were friends turned on him, and the one person stood up for him- Matsuoka. And Mattsun said he did it because they were friends.

Ep 2 Greyhound member touches his face

Team Greyhound member shot in the face

Their conversation is cut short because they've been found by a Greyhound member. He's about to shoot but Matsuoka appears and shoots him first. He says he's glad to have gotten there in time, and tells Yukimura that it's not so bad to have friends. The remaining members of Greyhound find TGG and Yukki tells Hotaru get the enemy flag. This time he REALLY has her back. When Hotaru leaves team Greyhound tries to chase her but are blocked by Yukki and Mattsun.

When Hotaru reaches Greyhound's flag the guy Matsuoka hit is standing in front of it. He says he never said “hit” so he's still in the game. Hotaru decides to punish him for cheating. She rushes towards him, and as soon as he fires his gun and she pushes it away with hers, an illegal move Tachibana doesn't know about. She circles around him and points her gun at his face, saying even a newbie like her can't miss at this distance. He fearfully says he was already hit so there's no need.

Ep 2 Tachibana blocks a gun

Tachibana blocks with her gun

Suddenly there is the noise of team Greyhound's flag being taken, but no gunshots. TGG says that the match ended almost too fast thanks to Hotaru. Mattsun congratulates her for winning and she says their teamwork won. Matsuoka tries to hug her for their success but she refuses, knowing he'll find out she's a girl if he does.

Yuki approaches Tachibana with a book, no longer calling her a pervert. It's a copy of his manga. Matsuoka tells Hotaru that Yukki now accepts her. Yukki says it's his way of apologizing for his mean behavior. Hotaru says it didn't bother her and starts to read the manga. It's hentai. Yukimura is an S&M manga artist. Team Greyhound hear this and are excited to find out that Yukimura is “Kotori Biyoko”, author of “My Sister Is a Raptor”. They ask for his autograph and he makes them beg for it. Hotaru throws her copy in the trash because she doesn't want dirty comic books.

Ep 2 Tachibana reads Yukimura's manga

Yukimura gives Tachibana a copy of his manga

Toy Gun Gun won their the second round but lost their third. Hotaru asks Mattsun how much of her debt has repaid by playing today and he says zero. She protests and he tells her his dream is to become the best team in Japan. Hotaru says she'll never repay her debt which such a lofty goal.

She reflects upon her day- not earning any money, being called a pervert, being shown a dirty magazine. But making friends through this game may not be a bad thing. However, she thinks the name “Toy Gun Gun” is kind of lame, and Yukimura agrees. She thinks changing it name should be their next priority.

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