Aoharu x Kikanjuu episode 6
The Storm Is Coming



Arashi ga, Kuru

Japan Air Date

August 7, 2015



Opening Song

The Bravest Destiny

Ending Song

Gunjou Survival

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I Don't Want to Leave This Team!
We'll Have to Crush That Hope

The Storm Is Coming (嵐が、来る Arashi ga, Kuru) is the sixth episode of the Aoharu x Kikanjuu anime series. It aired on August 7, 2015.

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Tachibana is still hiding from Matsuoka during their mock survival game water gun fight. While hiding she reflects on what Yukimura told her about the Matsuoka's experience with their female ex-member. She was stalked and mercilessly eliminated right in front of helpless Matsuoka. His trauma made team Toy Gun Gun refuse to let women to join ever again. This tears Tachibana in two-- as much as she wants to stay with team Toy Gun Gun, she questions whether she has the right to since she's being dishonest about her gender. Then she thinks back to what her teammates have said about going to TCG. Yukimura wants to be the best in Japan, but maybe he also wants revenge against the team that assaulted there former female member.

Ep 06 Tachibana defeats Matsuoka

Tachibana defeats Matsuoka

Tachibana makes her decision. If she can beat the evil survivalists that hurt team Toy Gun Gun, she will be brave enough to reveal her gender to Matsuoka and Yukimura. This awakens her sense of justice, which in turn awakens her blood lust. She stops hiding from Yukimura and gives him a predatory look before pursuing him. Matsuoka runs away confused by change in Tachibana's behavior, returning fire when he can but missing every time. Tachibana eventually surprises Matsuoka by laying on the ground in wait. She spins around and sweep kicks him, knocking him to the ground. She says "I win" and shoots him in the face with her water gun. Then she vows to do her best at the TGC. Later on that night Yukimura thinks to himself that Matsuoka's need to compete in the TGC isn't as driven by justice as Tachibana thinks.

Later we see Tachibana practicing at the shooting range above the survial game store Echizen. She's been up all night practicing for the TGC the next day. He tells her she's terrible, advises her to take a shower, change her clothes and take a nap to be fresh for the games. Then he asks her if she likes survival games and if she does, she should hold on to that feeling for as long as she can, no matter what happens at the TCG.

On the morning of the TGC Tachibana is overly enthusiastic during the car ride. But once she steps out of the car she feels an enormous amount of tension in the air. All of the players there are more intense than she's ever experienced before. Matsuoka tells her not to worry and then he and Yukimura promptly leave her alone while they go to register. Matsuoka tells Yukimura that he left her alone so she can get used to the intense atmosphere.

Ep 06 Kamenashi Soji with bullhorn

Kamenashi Soji, the TGC organizer

As Tachibana cowers in fear over the pressure and whispering around her. She's surprised that so many people have heard of Toy Gun Gun. But that recognition doesn't calm her nerves. Suddenly Midori shows up and she jumps on him, happy to see a friendly familiar face. Shortly after reuniting, Kamenashi Soji, the TGC organizer, addresses the participants. He explains the event as thus:

Team leaders will draw lots to see who they will compete against. You will fight as a team and the last team standing will win 100 million yen and the right to use the field free of charge for 6 months. But Kamenashi stresses that the true prize is bragging rights of being the best survival games team in all of Japan. Tachibana understands those rules, but feels as though others have been left out. Midori sits down with Tachibana and explains the regular rules: If you're shot you lose, wear goggles and no continuing after you've been hit.

Then he explains the three special rules:

  1. The number of opponents must match up. When 2 teams compete, the team with more members has to match the team with fewer members.
  2. No calling 'freeze!' to signify that you have shot someone. You must actually shoot them.
  3. All physical contact is allowed at the TGC. Hand to hand fighting, knife attacks, pushing, tripping and grabbing your opponent's gun are all acceptable behavior.

Midori advises Tachibana to yell 'hit!' as loudly as possible so everyone knows you have been eliminated. Otherwise people might shoot at you repeatedly. He also recommends aiming for a players' gear or shoes if you are at very close to your opponent to not hurt them.

Ep 06 Matsuoka and Yukimura see Midori

Matsuoka and Yukimura are surprised to see Midori

Tachibana thinks to herself that the person who hurt Matsuoka must be in this crowed when Matsuoka and Yukimura arrive with drinks. Matsuoka is instantly terrified when he sees Midori and Midori begins to interrogate Matsuoka. He asks Matsuoka what has he been up to, since they haven't spoken to each other in a year. But Matsuoka can't look him in the eye. Midori continues to intimidate Matsuoka until his own teammates show up. They apologize for being late but before they go Midori asks if team Toy Gun Gun have changed their policy on admitting women. They say 'no' and he says he has a hunch and looks over at Tachibana. Then they leave.

Once team Hoshishiro is gone Matsuoka is still rattled. He excuses himself from Yukimura and Tachibana, stating that he needs to get a drink even though Yukimura is carrying 3 bottles of tea. Once he is alone he tries to calm his nerves but calls himself pathetic. He knew Midori and his team would be there but he was easily frightened by Midori anyway.

Ep 06 Yukimura asks for Tachibana's help

Yukimura asks for Tachibana's help

Tachibana cannot believe Midori's dual nature. He's kind and helpful, but he's also the monster that cornered and assaulted Toy Gun Gun's female member. Tachibana's purpose still remains the same. She tells Yukimura that no matter who their opponents are they will fight them with all of their strength. Yukimura is happy and asks Tachibana to save Matsuoka from his fear of those monsters.

They will immediately get their chance. The first round will be Toy Gun Gun against team Hoshishiro, Midori's team. Everyone is shocked to see the strong team Toy Gun Gun battle 4-time champion team Hoshishiro so soon.

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