Haruka Hosokawa
Haruka Hosokawa
Alias Wild Icy Sword/Lunatic Ice Sword
Kanji 細川 春花
Rōmaji Hosokawa Haruka
Personal Information
Gender Male
Birthday March 3 (Pisces)
Height 176 (5"7)
Weight 57 kg
Blood Type B
Status Alive
Skill Close-combat sniper that can also be a Long-ranged fighter
Occupation Doctor (in training)
Affiliations Team Hoshishiro
Manga Chapter 19
Anime N/A
Seiyū N/A

Haruka Hosokawa (Japanese: 細川 春花 Hosokawa Haruka) is a member of the opposition team, Team Hoshishiro and nicknamed as "Lunatic Ice Sword". He is Haruki Hosokawa's younger twin sibling.

Appearance Edit

Haruka appears to have light brown hair and a green shade of eyes. He has a mole below his left eye and wears a doctors lab coat since he works at the Hoshishiro Hospital. He is seen rarely smiling unless the subject of his brother is brought up.

Personality Edit

Haruka, at first seems to be someone cold and distant from other as he showed contempt when Midori called him familiarly and ignoring Ichi. However, he seems to be on good terms with Fujimoto as he does not mind the other's presence during lunch and also apologizes when he ran into him. Haruka also has an odd obsession for his brother, to the point that he quit Team Hoshishiro when Haruki stopped playing survival games. He blames himself for driving Haruki into quitting survival games and was elated when his older brother challenged him to a duel. He loves Haruki very much and as stated by Haruki, Haruka never leaves his side when they were children. This love for his brother is evidenced by how often Haruka searched for Haruki and also counted how long Haruki left their house.

Background Edit

Haruka blames himself for making Haruki quit playing survival games as he was the one who defeated his brother in the latter's second attempt at TGC. He apologises to his brother before stating that even if it is survival games, it is still Haruka's win.

Plot Edit

Haruka first appears in Chapter 18, where he was greeted by Midori as 'HaruHaru'. Midori stated that he doesn't see Haruka often in the hospital, asking if the latter was well. However, Haruka response is cold as he warned Midori not to call him as 'HaruHaru'.

The conversation continues to Chapter 19, with Midori casually asking Haruka not to get angry, and whether Haruka hates to be called as 'HaruHaru'. Midori then stated that the nickname is actually for Haruki, Haruka's older twin brother. Haruka,however, is annoyed that Midori still has his nice attitude, immediately turning away shortly after to leave before being stopped by Midori. Midori pointed out Haruka's coldness towards him, asking whether can't they have peace as they were former teammates. Haruka stared at Midori coldly as Midori mentioned that he will welcome any strong kids like Haruka and whether Haruka is still playing survival games. However, Haruka stated that playing survival games is meaningless without Haruki, walking away from Midori who smiled deviously.

In Chapter 20, Hotaru was helping Haruki buy survial games equipment where she came across Haruka, mistaking him for Haruki. Wondering why Haruki would be in Akihabara, Hotaru dashed towards Haruka, hoping that he would help her carry the things home with her. Calling out to him, Hotaru trailed off mid-sentence, realiszng that Haruka is not Haruki. Haruka asked Hotaru if she was referring him as 'HaruHaruki' before Hotaru panicked, flustered that she has mistaken him for Haruki. Haurka then noticed that Hotaru was holding survival games equipment, thus, Hotaru mentioned that she was buying survival equipment for someone who looks very similar to Haruka. Haruka murmured softly that Haruki has started playing survival games again, before asking whether the person Hotaru was referring to is called Haruki. Hotaru, surprised, answered whether Haruka knows of him. Haruka replied that he is Haruki younger twin brother, which Hotaru commenting the odd similarity between the two. Haruka further questions Hotaru whether she knows of Haruki, and if they are friends, making Hotaru unwilling to tell him that she is in a master-dog relationship with Haruki. Haruka then asks if Hotaru could help him meet Haruki, surprising Hotaru with his request, as he elaborated that Haruki left home and changed his phone number, leaving Haruki uncontactable. Haruka has been worried about Haruki since then, while Hotaru agreed to bring Haruka to Haruki, receiving his thanks in return. Hotaru was then shocked when Haruka asked for him to be brought to his brother immediately,

While walking together, Hotaru told Haruka that she plays survival games, and that sh ise part of Toy Gun Gun, which Haruka commented that he has understood something. Hotaru added that she has not started for long, calling Haruka by his surname before Haruka tells her to address him as Haruka. Hotaru without hesitation, refers Haruka by his first name, asking if he has played survival games. Haruka answered that he hasn't been playing recently where Hotaru happily pointed out that Haruka had played in the past. Haruka mentioned that he started playing survival games because Haruki had taught him, surprising Hotaru before she mentioned that they will be arriving at Haruki's apartment soon. Looking over to Haruka, Hotaru was shocked to find Haruka crying silently, immediately asking what was wrong where Haruka apologizes as he was so happy to see Haruki again and was glad that Haruki was living his life fully. Hotaru felt touched by his words, thinking to herself that Haruka is such a caring brother. Hotaru then mentioned that Haruki is so lively that she wants him to shut up in certain aspects before Haruki called out to her, shocking Hotaru. Haruki continued to complain that Hotaru was too slow in buying the survial equipment that he had to buy dinner personally before Karuka called out to him. Haruka greeted his brother while Haruki was shocked to see his brother again.

Haruki immediately ran away, confusing Hotaru with his actions, before Haruka caught up to him, hugging him from behind. Haruki yelled for Haruka to leave him alone while Hotaru wondered when did Haruka went to Haruki's side. Haruka mentioned that it has been a while and that he had missed Haruki which Haruki pushed him away, saying that it is disgusting before trying to run away. Haruka trppied haruki, preventing him from running away before stating that it is useless to run away becuase Haruka knows whatever Haruki is thinking. Haruka then helped his brother up before saying that being on the ground does not suit the latter. Haruka then stated that it has been 13 months and 6 days since he has last saw Haruki. Haruka was only able to see Haruki at survival games, however, Haruki suddenly stopped playing, leaving Haruka to feel lonely. Haruka feels obligated to thank Hotaru for letting him see Haruki again, causing discomfort to Hotaru.

Haruki yelled that he does not want to see Haruka before being refuted by Haruka, stating that he knows whatever Haruki is thinking. Haruka then further mentioned that Haruki said something that hurt his teammate, blaming his teammate for making the latter hate survival games. Haruka then stated it was not true, the person who made Haruki hate survival games was the former. Haruka elaborated that Haruki felt bad for losing to Haruka that he vented his frustration onto his teammate, Haruka pointed out that Haruki talks back to others easily. Haruki stammered, unable to refute Haruka's claims. Haruka stated that Hotaru is the new member of Toy Gun Gun, taking over Haruki's original position in the team, making Haruki feel bitter and hatred towards Hotaru. Haruka then mentioned that Haruki sees himself as better than Hotaru, in order to boost his self-confidence, causing Haruki to yell out in protest. haruka reassures Haruki is talented, with Haruki yet to show his true abilities. Haruka pointed out that Haruki had not been training much during the previous TGC, causing him to lose against Haruka. Haruki stuttered, unsure of what to say while Haruka continued, Haruki wanted to be of help to Masamune. Haruki went through hellish training and studied hard for the first time in his life. However, Haruki failed to be of help to Masamune, before Haruka stated that Haruki could be much stronger if Haruki really put in effort. Haruka then pointed out that if Haruki works so hard and still remains at the same level, it will make Haruki a useless person. haruki lowered his gaze, unable to say anything anymore.

Haruka reassured Haruki that he had only won because Haruki was going easy on him, itching to go on a killing spree against him, even predicting that he will lose the next time he fights against Haruki. Haruka mentioned that he is looking forward to the next day when they will fight each other. Haruka grabbed onto haruki, sure that Haruki thinks the same, demanding that Haruki says the same before Hotaru barges between them. Hotaru yelled that she doesn't know what has happened between the brother, but stated Haruki isn't playing survival games anymore. Haruka then questioned Hotaru, stating the equipment she bought was for Haruki. Hotaru lied that she has been trying to get Haruki to play survival games again but has not been successful yet, before asking Haruka to leave. Notcing Haruki's discomfort, Haruka understood, stating that it is enough for him to speak to Haruki today, before giving his contact number to Haruki. As Haruka walked away, Hotaru felt remorseful for lying to Haruka.

In Chapter 21, Haruka was contacted by Haruki. Haruki called Haruka to come to Echizen Toy Gun store, hoping the end to dispute between the brothers in which he won. Then later on was shown asking Midori for a spot once again in team Hoshishiro.

Before the TGC there was news about a team named Agartha, a former victor team before Hoshishiro was going to reenter the TCG and reclaim their glory. The leader of the team has stated that he last time his team entered the TCG they were defeated because of Haruka and that's were his nicknamed was revealed as 'Lunatic Ice Sword'.

When the TGC came for the second time in the manga he was greeted by the leader of team Agartha who got seriously offended when Haruka stated that he did not remember him.

He also ended up not being able to see Toy Gun Gun's match with Friendly Fire because Hotaru had come to tell him that his brother Haruki was called by his father and had went home for a while. He was shown to be quite angry about it and had to go and retrieve his brother Haruki from their mansion. When he arrived he two twins stood up to their father and was revealed that Haruka wasn't always over obsessed with his older brother but his reason for obsession was because of his jealousy for Haruki's abilities in making friends and was not just teasing like what Haruki thought. More than that in the manga he was said to be punished once by his father for standing up for Haruki and that was when he started calling Haruki 'big brother' instead of just Haruki.

Trivia Edit

  • He uses a SCAR-H gun with a M320A1 attachment, the same one as Haruki.
  • He is shown in the manga to like things that are matcha flavored and finds dango better than flowers