Kane Tachibana is a character who plays a minor role in the manga Aoharu x Machinegun. She makes her debut in Chapter 39 but she doesn't appear in the anime.

She is the wife of Souichi Tachibana and the mother of Hotaru Tachibana.


Kane has a masculine appearance which people mistakes her for a male. She has short hair (possibly light-colored) with bangs swept to the right side and sharp, thin eyes (possibly light or dark-colored).

When Kane had first debuted, she was portrayed wearing sunglasses. Although, when she is seen again at Tachibana's household, she wears a white undershirt with the collar sticking upwards rather than fixed and a jacket.


Kane is extremely similar to Hotaru in the way she addresses herself and how she acts. She also speaks in third person, calling herself 'Tachibana' rather than using any form of 'I' (watashi, atashi, so forth) and states that she will not tolerate injustice, even being violent at times. For example, at the beginning of Chapter 39, she apprehends a thief by taking his wrist and throwing him to the floor then states 'Tachibana will not tolerate evil deeds'. Also, it seems as though she examines whether Hotaru is in proper shape or not as demonstrated through her sudden kick to Hotaru.


Originally, Kane had appeared so she could return Hotaru back to America under the pretense that Souichi Tachibana (Kane's husband and Hotaru's father) is waiting for him but rather he doesn't have long to live. Hotaru declines saying that she has comrades, Kane questions her concept of comrades and Hotaru takes out her toy gun. Kane recognises it as a toy gun, realizing her daughter is playing survival games.

She chains Hotaru to the outside handrail before taking the Toy GunGun members specifically into a room and tells them to remove Hotaru from the team, informing them of her murderous intent and bloodlust aura and how she may end up being the cause of their downfall. Masamune refuses, saying that it was Hotaru who had brought them together as they all felt separated and distant from one another before Hotaru came along and patched everything up. Masamune and Yukimura prostrate themselves in front of her and after much debate, she sees their determination and willingness. Exiting the room, she tells her daughter that she shall win the TGC championship, also stating that she should call her 'Mom/ Mama' properly next time rather than 'Mother'.


Hotaru TachibanaEdit

Hotaru is the daughter of Kane but they live separately from one another. Hotaru had insisted on staying in Japan while on the other hand, Kane had to move to America so Souichi could go to an American hospital. Although, despite this, they are rather close and Kane was the one that taught Hotaru how to utilise her powers properly rather than use it recklessly.
Aoharu x Machine gun scared kane

Kane getting scared of Tachibana

However, there was a time Kane became afraid of Hotaru due to her intense murderous aura of bloodlust after she had beaten some boys due to breaking someone's toy. Although, she becomes ashamed of herself when it occurs to her that she had become afraid of her own child.
Aoharu x machine gun ashamed kane

Kane smashing head into a wall due to the shame of getting scared of Tachibana

She made her debut specifically by stating that she had come to take Tachibana so they could return to America together. Although, through much debate with the male members of Toy GunGun, she allowed her to stay in Japan, telling her that she has to win the TGC championship, also pointing out that Hotaru should call her 'Mom/ Mama' properly next time.

Souichi TachibanaEdit

Souichi is the spouse of Kane yet has a rather frail body, therefore, is often seen within the hospital. Although, the two have a loving relationship but is disliked by the Tachibana family (other than Kane and Hotaru). This is displayed when he and Kane go to America, they expel Hotaru from their household.
Aoharu x machine gun souichi x kane

Kane and Souichi's intimate relationship

Toy☆GunGun (Masamune Matsuoka, Haruki Hosokawa,Tooru Yukimura)Edit

Kane quickly assumes that when Hotaru refuses to go to America that she is dating one of the three male members of Toy GunGun. She examines them all, saying they're all unworthy before Hotaru clarifies that they are her comrades in terms of survival games.

Kane, realising that Hotaru's murderous intent may be the cause of Toy GunGun's downfall, chains Hotaru to the handrail outside her apartment and brings them all into Hotaru's room. She proceeds to tell them about her past experience about Hotaru and how she had become afraid of her when she discovered the sight of Hotaru in front of boys that had been fainted due to her beating them in the name of 'getting rid of evil'. Through this story, she once again tells them to remove Hotaru from the group but they refuse, stating how Tachibana had brang their group together and connected them all unlike the discord within the group prior to her appearance.

Aoharu x Machine Gun Masumune prostrate

Masamune prostrating

Masamune proceeds to prostrate himself in front of Kane, most likely, much to her dismay as her face pales in the next panel. Soon after, Yukimura also prostrates himself in front of her, also pleading that Tachibana stays in their group.
Aoharu x Machine Gun Yukki prostrate

Yukimura prostrating

Kane lectures them all, questioning what they mean by 'leaving her to them' sarcastically, badgering them that she won't allow her daughter to marry them. She also proceeds to say that as adults, they shouldn't bow their heads so easily before turning to Haruki and questioning him why he didn't bow to her and demands that he also prostrates himself to her, inquiring him as to whether he is a pampered child.

Aoharu x Machine Gun bashing toy gungun members

Kane lecturing each of the male Toy GunGun members

Kane gives her approval to allow Hotaru to stay and tells them that they'll regret it if they make her cry and most likely informs them that Souichi doesn't have long to live as they inform Hotaru of this afterwards.

Although, as Kane exits Hotaru's room, she tells her that she must win the TGC championship and also states that she should call her 'Mom/ Mama' next time properly.


  • Kane was able to recognize a toy gun instantaneously rather than think it was a real gun and stated that she knew due to its muzzle.
  • Kane is always seen smoking.
  • Kane is most likely not one for formalities as her face seemingly drained of color when Masamune prostrated himself before her.
    Aoharu x Machine Gun Drained Kane

    Kane's face draining when Masamune prostrates