Nobunaga Nishi
Nishi Nobunaga 002
Kanji 信長西
Rōmaji Nobunaga Nishi
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 23 [1]
Status Alive
Skill Close Quarter Combat
Affiliations Team Nine Tails
Manga Chapter 21

 Nobunaga Nishi (西信長 Nishi Nobunaga) is a character from the manga series "Aoharu x Kikanjuu". He is the leader of Team Nine Tails, and is a TGC participant.

His combat skills involve fighting with knives at the TGC level, and appears to have acquired a level of mastery in combating with knives, although he and his team are not as good with guns on the airsoft field.


Nobunaga appears to have a light coloured hair. He dresses in a formal high school uniform as a standard uniform chosen for his own team mates. Hotaru Tachibana calls it a "cosplay", which was admitted by him as having a uniform fetish. He appears to be the shortest of his team. He wears a black cape around his neck and a Japanese fox mask (Kitsune mask) when playing against his opponents.


He seems to to brag about his custom-wear on the airsoft battle-field and makes no hesitation in revealing the actual ages of his and his team mates to his opponents. (Toy☆GunGun in this case in Chapter 21).

References Edit

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