Ranmaru Kita
Ranmaru Kita
Kanji 喜多蘭丸
Rōmaji Kita Ranmaru
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 28 [1]
Status Alive
Affiliations Team Nine Tails
Manga Chapter 21

 Ranmaru Kita (喜多蘭丸 Kita Ranmaru) is a character from the manga series "Aoharu x Kikanjuu", and seems to be an acquaintance of Masamune.

He belongs to Team Nine Tails, and is a knife wielder that has participated at the TGC. He is fondly called "Ran-chan" by those who know him.

He has made a brief appearance in the anime together with Nobunaga Nishi in episode 6, at the TGC competition.


Ranmaru appears to have long hair and wears a hairband. Despite really being a guy, he prefers dressing up as a woman which had led to Hotaru Tachibana mistaking her for a girl at the time of their inital meeting. He appears to be taller than his other two teammates.



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