Tooru Yukimura

Alias Yukki (Masamune)

Yukimura-san (Hotaru)

Kanji 雪村 透
Rōmaji Yukimura Tōru
Personal Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Skill Sniper
Occupation adult-manga artist
Affiliations Toy ☆ Gun Gun
Manga Prequel (Chapter 0)

Chapter 1

Anime Episode 2
Seiyū Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Tooru/Tohru Yukimura (雪村透, Yukimura Tōru) is a member of Toy☆GunGun. In survival games, he mostly play the role of defender/sniper. Outside of survival games, he works as an adult-oriented mangaka, and likes anything "adult-related" as is evident in his profession, his room, and his behavior (in chapter 37, he exclaims that he's "the perverted character").





Tõru and Hotaru's first encounter

Tooru Yukimura catches Hotaru coming out of a women's restroom and is given the impression that she is a pervert. At first, he says that he's fine with it as he does the same thing at times to fantasize for his work. However, when noticing the team name on her arm, he takes back what he had said and claims that she's a pervert, and she disgusts him, much to her shock.

After being introduced by Matsuoka, Tooru tries to sabotage her first survival game, where she plays as a team for the first time in a practice match against Grey Hound, by leaving her to deal with her opponents alone while they played against three 

 members of the opposing team. He did that with the intention of hoping Hotaru quit the team and would never play again, telling Matsuoka that he doesn't want another friend. Tooru and Hotaru's relationship begins to grow here; she is alone on one side of the field against the all members of the opposing team but still believe Tooru will come to help her. 


Tooru is armed with a dragunov sniper rifle. The Dragunov was designed as a squad support weapon.


  • Most of his room contents (before the yakiniku party after losing the TGC) and the contents of his manga are sensored in the manga and anime due to their R18 nature.