Tooru Yukimura

Aoharu x Kikanjuu Episode 7 015

Aoharu x machnegun chapter 2

Yukimura in middle school

Alias Yukimura-san (Hotaru)

Yukki (Masamune)

Scruffy four-eyes (Ichi)

Kotori Piyoko (pseudonym)

Kanji 雪村 透
Rōmaji Yukimura Tōru
Personal Information
Gender Male
Birthday 8/14 (Leo)
Height 173 cm (5"8)
Weight 54 kg
Blood Type AB
Status Alive
Skill Sniper
Occupation Mangaka
Affiliations Team Toy☆GunGun
Manga One-shot, Chapter 0 (Prequel)
Anime Episode 1
Seiyū Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

Tooru Yukimura (Japanese: 雪村 透 Yukimura Tōru, also spelled Tohru Yukimura) is the third protagonist, and a member of "Toy ☆ Gun Gun". He works as an ero-mangaka under the pseudonym of Kotori Piyoko (小鳥ぴよこ), and lives in room 204 of Tsukishiro apartments. His currently famous work is "My Little Sister is a Predator".


Tooru has short, messy raven black hair, black eyes and wears a pair of thick framed glasses. He is often shown wearing a long black sweater, a white shirt that isn't properly done, and a three quarter capri.

When he plays airsoft with his team, he wears a chestnut coloured scarf, a black military jacket, a green military cargo pant, ESS goggles, protective knee pads, and fingerless gloves. He also wears contacts during survival games, claiming that if he wears his glasses during matches, it would be like "running to the field naked".


Tooru is a somewhat of quiet and a withdrawn individual, and does not seem to be friendly to Hotaru Tachibana at first. He lacks physical stamina and has the least of it from among the members of his team (though he's willing to improve if only for Masamune). He is blunt when it comes to his thoughts, and is childish in his behavior at times. He is shown to care for Masamune Matsuoka greatly, calling him by his nickname "Mattsun" because the latter was his only friend at the time, and tends to support Masamune in most of his decisions. Because his very small amount of friends, and possibly his past, he can be awkward or shy at social situations with people not in his circle.

He learns to open up to Hotaru and to Haruki Hosokawa later on, and is often shown offering advice to Hotaru whenever she appears troubled. While Tooru is quite sensitive on the trouble his friends have, he tends to keep his troubled thoughts to himself. However, he tends to tell Hotaru more than anyone else in the team as the story progressed.

While outwardly he doesn't show much emotion, often sounding lazily drawling, looking sleepy or lazy, he seems to feel insecure about whether or not Masamune will leave him if he's not useful to the team. He also tends to violently react whenever Midori is concerned, probably due to what Nagamasa Midori did to Masamune in the past. He's also fiercely protective if someone else calls Masamune as theirs. Midori draws a violent reaction from him.

He seems to have a habit of giving his manga to people he "accepts", such as Hotaru and later Takatora Fujimoto. Tooru seems to like erotic materials as he's seen reading ero-manga in public, and his apartment is littered with them.


Hotaru Tachibana


Tõru and Hotaru's first encounter

Tooru catches Hotaru coming out of a women's restroom and is given the impression that she is a pervert. At first, he says that he's fine with it as he does the same thing at times to fantasize for his work. However, when noticing the team name on her arm, he takes back what he had said and claims that she's a pervert, and she disgusts him, much to her shock.

After being introduced by Matsuoka, Tooru tries to sabotage her first survival game, where she plays as a team for the first time in a practice match against Grey Hound, by leaving her to deal with her opponents alone while they played against three members of the opposing team. He did that with the intention of hoping Hotaru quit the team and would never play again, telling Matsuoka that he doesn't want another friend. Tooru and Hotaru's relationship begins to grow here; she is alone on one side of the field against the all members of the opposing team but still believe Tooru will come to help her. She continues to shout his name and stands up for him as the opposing team slanders Tooru for


"Fight with me and save Mattsun."

leaving her behind. While surprised by her actions, he comes to the rescue and he accepts her as the third Toy☆Gun Gun member, as is said by Matsuoka when Tooru gives her a copy of his manga (which she immediately throws into the trash).

He is sensitive to the changes of the emotional state of his teamates, and quickly notice when Hotaru has something troubling her mind, calling her out on them, as is evident during their training in the apartment complex. When he can, he would offer some advice to Hotaru. He also shares some of his past (or Matsuoka's) when Hotaru looks torn about them. Tooru has no problem doing it while practicing or playing survival games.

When Masamune dismisses Hotaru after TGC, Tooru steps in and takes a stand for her, making it the first time he had talked back to Masamune. Toru acknowledges Hotaru as an important member of the team but does not directly state that she is a friend of his. Later on, he tells her the real reason for the team's policy, apologizing for lying to her to try and coerce her into releasing her full power against Hoshishiro, (though not before opening a box of Masamune's pictures), and begs her tearfully to save Masamune. Tooru then helps Hotaru exact a "revenge" on Masamune, reserving the field, and telling them to do their best as to not regret anything.

When Hotaru declares that she's a girl for the first time, Tooru thinks that she's joking.

As the bond between the two strengthen, Hotaru encourages Tooru, trying to bolster his self-confidence, and Tooru opens up to her more, in return.

In chapter 36, he is told and finally believes that Hotaru is a girl (Hotaru told him again, Haruki and Midori also assured him). Matsuoka and he apologizes on their hands and knees for making her continue pretending to be a boy when it must not have been easy for her.

Masamune Matsuoka

In the oneshot, the two are described as childhood friends, sharing a dream of becoming pro soccer players in the future, and were separated because Tooru's parents divorced and he was forced to move. He calls Matsuoka "Mattsun", and receives "Yukki" in return. Tooru is the one to introduce survival games to Matsuoka (his place is taken by Midori in the series).

It is confirmed in chapter 50 that the two were childhood friends, and were separated for a long time to the point where Matsuoka can be at a loss on how to approach him. The two meets again on adulthood, living in the same apartment complex as neighbors, along with Hotaru and Haruki.

The two has a close relationship, with Matsuoka being Tooru's only friend after his other friends' betrayal and Matsuoka being the only one to stand up to him. As such, Tooru tends to care and side with Matsuoka. He plays survival games to cheer Matsuoka up, even pushing himself to play the role of attacker before eventually becoming the sniper of the team (as he finds himself looking at Matsuoka's back, and vows to keep an eye on it). He keeps a box of photos of Matsuoka (which he shows to Hotaru), and has a habit of taking his picture with his phone when he can. Tooru doesn't like it when someone else calls Matsuoka as theirs. He also trusts Matsuoka, often keeping silent or agreeing to Matsuoka's strategies or decisions. While Tooru can be independent, he tends to be childish, demanding attention from Matsuoka, and often likes Matsuoka's attention or approval.

However, while Tooru seems to revolve most of his world around Matsuoka, he's not unafraid to show defiance to slap him back to his senses; he punches and grabs Matsuoka's collar after he pretends to agree with his decision of kicking Hotaru off the team, reprimanding him for hurting Hotaru's feelings and telling that Matsuoka shouldn't be held back (by the past) before storming off. It is the first time he shows any defiance against his friend. Even when he's angry at Matsuoka, he can't bear to stay angry for long, and ends up apologizing in tears.

Due to his past and the fact that Matsuoka is the only person he actually considers his friend, he fears that Matsuoka will leave him for Midori. He's willing to push himself to be useful to the team if only to get praised by Matsuoka and keeps him from leaving him.

Nagamasa Midori

The two were introduced by Matsuoka at the apartments. Upon meeting Midori for the first time, he finds that Midori doesn't seem like what he looks like (smiling, nice guy), however because Matsuoka's apparent happiness, he keeps it to himself. Later, upon finding Matsuoka breaking down, he calls Midori on Matsuoka's phone, demanding to meet somewhere. He asks why Midori ditched Matsuoka, and upon hearing that he did that because he was bored, he lost his temper angrily splashed the contents of his cup on him. Midori seems to call him a dog, and that the splash was his bite. He seems to find it amusing to physically (or mentally) torment Tooru as much as he likes to Matsuoka.

Whenever they meet, Tooru tends to lose his temper, often glaring and resorting to physical violence (despite being overwhelmed soon enough), and often says that he will "kill him". However, the bouts of violence can be somewhat calmed (if only for a short while), as Tooru talks about Hotaru somewhat civilly.

During the TGC around against Hoshishiro, he tries to shoot Midori, though he misses. While dealing with Ichi, Tooru leaves her without a thought and charges toward Matsuoka only to find him lay defeated, gazing emptily up. He angrily attempts to shoot Midori at close range, and unsheats his knife to try and sneak attack him. He fails and Midori beats him up before he finally accepts defeat, although not before apologizing tearfully at Matsuoka for being unable to defeat him.

Later, during the friendly match against the 11 Dogs in the summer, he finds himself reluctant to join forces with Hoshishiro (due to the vast difference in numbers), though he defers to Matsuoka's decision. He feels insecure that Matsuoka will go back to Midori and leaves him behind.

In the onsen, Midori says that Tooru used to like sauna and challenges him into entering. Tooru agrees, though later Midori leaves him behind, making use of his impaired sight due to his lack of glasses.

Midori is the only person who draws a violent reaction from Tooru.

Ichi Akabane

The two first meets each other during the TGC match, with both being snipers. Upon finding Tooru firing at Midori through his scopes, Ichi throws a fit, claiming that the only one who can look at Midori through a scope is her. Calling him the "Scruffy Four Eyes", she chases him. Then, proceeds to a game of cat and mouse. She also notes the weapon Tooru uses.

During the chase, Tooru thinks that he wants to see her figure for his manga. At first, it seems that Tooru is outsmarted with her sniper rifle (she left it on the hill while she's circling around), however, Tooru did the same thing due to the fact he wants to see her figure up close. However, they end in a stalemate when Ichi kicks his other gun from his hand, and tries to shoot him only for him to go around her and take back his Dragunov. However, he soon leaves her to attempt to help Matsuoka.

She seems to hold grudging respect toward Tooru (though she seems to consider herself superior). They seem to share the same motivation for becoming a sniper.

Takatora Fujimoto

The two first work as a team during the match against 11 Dogs in the summer. Because it is decided that Toy☆Gun Gun and Hoshishiro would join for the time being, the two finds themself in the same group. While they're working together, Tooru asks how many has Fujimoto shot, and demands (or begs) that if he can defeat more than him, Fujimoto will tell him what to eat, what/how to exercise so that he can be useful to the team.

He loses. However, Fujimoto hands him a piece of paper containing his number anyway. After the onsen, Tooru returns the piece of paper and hands Fujimoto his manga instead, saying that his address is written in the back of it, and for him to mail him instead as he's awkward on the phone and dashes away, flustered. Giving away a copy of his manga seems to be a sign that Tooru accepts that person (even if not as something he'd call a "friend"). Fujimoto eagerly opens the manga, wondering what kind it is, however he seems disappointed.

Tooru and Fujimoto seems to go along well despite being on the opposing team as is seen when the two is seen exercising together, and Fujimoto giving him a meal plan. Tooru eagerly tells his teammates of this when Toy☆Gun Gun gathers again before the second TGC starts.


Dragunov SVD (AEG)

The A&K Dragonov SVD sniper rifle has heavy metal build and excellent attention to detail really stand out on this airsoft sniper rifle! Its hand guard and stock are both anti-slip texture for sweaty hands. This gun also has a very similar take-down to the real deal with a quick release latch. This airsoft gun holds 180 rounds and the built in metal adjustable Hop Up unit paired with a long smooth bore barrel gives the gun its sniper accuracy at 200 feet. The rear stock has a built in adjustable cheek pad for added comfort. The bread and butter is the metal reinforced gearbox and high torque motor that work together seamlessly to cycle an impressive M120 spring allowing for its FPS of 450 with tight grouping accuracy.


- Velocity: 430 FPS (0.2 gBB) / Range 200-210 Feet  

- Barrel Length: 24 Inches / 61 cm  

- Magazine Capacity: 180 Rounds  

- Overall Length: 48 inches 

Steyr TMP

The Steyr TMP is a select-fire 9×19mm Parabellumcaliber machine pistol manufactured by Steyr Mannlicher of Austria. The Magazines come in 15-, 20-, or 30-round detachable box types. A suppressor can also be fitted.


- Rate of Fire: 850–900 rounds/min

- Muzzle Velocity: 400 m/s (1,312 ft/s) 

- Firing Range: 100m 


  • The name Tooru means "filter, penetrate, permeate, transparent" (透).
    • It can also mean "clear" (透).
  • Tooru's surname Yukimura means "snow" (雪) (yuki) and "town, village" (村) (mura).
    • It can also mean "happiness" (幸).
      • Part of the name Yuki means "reason, cause" (由) (yu) and "valuable" (貴) or "chronicle" (紀) (ki).
  • Tooru's gun is a Dragunov SVD (AEG), Steyr TMP.
  • Tooru likes sweet things, but dislikes animals in general, especially cats. However he is liked by animals.
  • Tooru is referred to by Masamune Matsuoka as Yukki, Tõru himself calls Matsuoka by the nickname of Mattsun.
  • Tooru's favorite Tobacco brand is the "Lucky Strike Lights."
  • Tooru is also a erotic S&M manga artist.
  • Tooru wanted to write simple pure romances but his editor got carried away and pressured him into writing erotic manga.
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