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The invitation

Top Gun Combat, TGC for short, is an unofficial and covert competition where the best teams in Japan compete to see who is the best of the best

It is hold twice a year (needs confirmation), and not all teams can just participate; they have to receive an invitation which is sent in a black envelope. For Toy☆GunGun, the envelope is addressed to Tooru Yukimura. For Hoshishiro, it is addressed to Nagamasa Midori.

  • Participating team has to consists of three members minimum.
  • TGC allows knife and hand-to-hand combat. Gun-knife/sword is considered a loss to the gun user, while melee-to-melee contact is allowed.
  • "Freeze" is not allowed; the only way to eliminate an enemy is to be "hit". If the person hit does not say "hit", it is technically still allowed to shoot them. If the person shot doesn't say "hit", he's considered a "zombie".
  • The winner gets a million yen reward, special privileges, and rare equipments
  • The competition follows the lowest number; if it's a team of three vs. a team of 100, then 97 of them are benched, so it's still 3-on-3. There's no advantage in numbers.
  • The team leaders draw lot to see who competes with whom.
  • There are 4 fields: forest, forest with height difference ("cliff field"), indoors, and street model. The type of battle along with the field are decided by lottery; the team leader who wins the rock-paper-scissors get to draw them.
  • Each match lasts around 15 minutes.

Known types of battleEdit

Battle of the KingsEdit

Oil Can battleEdit

Death match(?)Edit

Known MatchupsEdit

Manga -1 TGCEdit

  • Toy☆GunGun didn't participate due to lack of members.
  • Hoshishiro is the champion.

Manga 1st TGCEdit

  • Toy☆GunGun VS Hoshishiro. This is Hotaru Tachibana's first TGC.
    • Battle type: Death match.
    • Field: Forest.
      • Hoshishiro wins (and is the champion).

Manga 2nd TGC (around chapter 41)Edit

There are around 32 groups competing.

  • Toy☆GunGun VS Friendly Fire.
    • Battle type: Battle of the Kings.
    • Field: Forest.
      • Toy☆GunGun wins.
  • Hoshishiro VS Tsuzurao.
    • Field: Indoor.
      • Hoshishiro wins.
  • Toy☆GunGun VS 11 Dogs.
    • Battle type: Oil Can battle.
    • Field: Forest with height difference or "cliff field".
      • Toy☆GunGun wins.
  • Toy☆GunGun vs. Office Livestock Team
    • Battle type: Hostage
    • Field: —-
      • Toy☆GunGun wins.


  • Masamune Matsuoka apparently has bad luck when it comes to drawing lottery, though it seems mitigated through "transfer of will" by Yukimura and Tachibana (though it's mostly Yukimura) in the 2nd TGC (after the start of the manga timeline). He describes it as feeling pressured. It apparently works; to face Hoshishiro, Toy☆GunGun has to reach the finals.
  • Hoshishiro is the undefeated champion for 5 (including the one early in the manga) consecutive TGCs.
  • Agartha used to be undefeated before Hoshishiro defeated them. The team disbands soon after.